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What Others are saying about the Coach!

Coach, Thanks for the faithful & effective follow up that keeps me on track

Coach, Thanks for the faithful & effective follow up that keeps me on track!! Jeff 02/01/2009


Coach, Thank you for all your hard work an encouragement over the years an this season it’s been a special one! Love you coach. Brianna, 11/15/2008


Hi Coach,, Just wanted to let you know that the talk you gave the girls really blessed me.  It was so uplifting and encouraging and I know its what they needed to hear.  You were great! Thanks, Pat,  10/01/2008


Hi Coach, Thank you for all your help- Many employers find the resume to be very impressive -- as do.  Ann Johnson, 09/23/2008


Coach!  REALLY the thank you goes to you for the time, energy, heart, and dedication you give to the girls and this program.  My daughter is thrilled to be in the volleyball program, and growing daily in her talents and self-confidence under your leadership!
You and your coaches are such a blessing! Lisa, 09/14/2008


Fathers Day 2008

Happy Fathers Day dad. Hope it is a wonderful day for u. Love u. U are awesome. Josh

I have the coolest dad in the world! Thanks for being so awesome! :) Tamra


Thanks Coach. Just wanted to tell you how much my family appreciates all that you do at Hope. We know what a sacrifice it is for you to give so much time with your busy schedule with work. A Servant's heart is worth more than Gold in the Lord's eyes and that is what you have. Have a wonderful day!  Sherri Farra 08/25/2008


Hi Coach, Have a great week and THANK YOU for all that you do for our kids.  None of it goes unnoticed.  We are all SO greatful for you. Michelle Silva 06/26/2008


Jerry, Thank you for this detailed information.  It seems, at least in this case, the details were necessary.  Let me assure you that your integrity is completely in tack and I appreciate how you handled the matter.  I love the way you love the Lord and bring that attitude with you when you work with the girls or anything else you do on campus.  Sandi Black, 06/20/2008


Hi Jerry, Thank you so much for your time and help. This was a great refresher for me, and will help me narrow my focus on the task at hand. You can’t jump from point A to point Z overnight, thank you for helping me realize this. –Brad 05/22/2008


Hey Jerry!      I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you!  I greatly appreciate your involvement in helping with the upcoming transitions. Thank you again Coach!  Steve Marsh  05/20/08


Hey Coach, I hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know the class that I went to with Sandy last month in PA was great. I am so glad I went. We learned a lot and got to meet some really nice people. And they all love you too. We heard many great things about you.  Wanda  05/15/2008


Jer, Thanks for the kind words.  You are an amazing man brother and you continue to make me a better man! Tim  05/15/2008


Jerry, Thank you so much for your kind words.  I appreciate your being a part of Lapp and part of my life.  Every day gives us a new opportunity to make a difference and I expect no less of myself as I walk down the path God has chosen for me.  Forty years sure goes by fast, doesn’t it?  Greg 04/29/2008


Good morning Jer!  Thanks for another awesome week.  You continue to impress me with your amazing talent to transform our business and take us to the next level! Tim 03/01/2008


Hi Coach, Just wanted to thank you for your input to the party and wish you could have attended.  Maybe next year!!!  Also, I wanted to thank you again for your help and working with me and my team when you were here.  It really does help!!!  Thanks again.  Dana J 12/20/2007


Coach Salmon,I just wanted to say "Congratulations" on the Coach of the Year award.  Kim said he saw the announcement in the news. That is great!  Good job - we are proud of what you have done for the program!!  Carol 12/13/2007


Hello Coach, I want to follow up on our phone conversation and our lunch meeting.  Thank you for the support that you have given me in the pursuit of my new position.  You taught me to adapt to my surroundings very quickly which was key to obtaining this position.  You also taught me to dissect what an employer is looking for and translate my skills into a benefit for the employer.  Thank you again for your invaluable support!  Brent  09/25/2007


Hey Coach,  I can't tell you what a blast I had with you today. It's beyond words – you brought indescribable joy, energy, excitement, faith, and encouragement to my life today. You blessed my socks off. I came away so refreshed, so energized, so happy. Brian 09/18/2007


Good morning Coach,Thank you for the week.  Dinner on Friday evening was perfect and I can’t even begin to tell you how much we appreciated your help and communication skills. Thanks and I’ll talk to you soon. Tim 07/09/2007


Hi Jerry, Just wanted to thank you for all the help and encouragement you have given me throughout the years.  It has been great working with you and hope that the future allows us to still work together.  You are great in what you do and it’s refreshing to sit with you and feel encouraged, powerful and motivated to be better.  It has been a great experience.....and remember change is good………. (I keep telling myself) :)  Iris 06/19/2007

Coach, Here is a list of the Ways you have helped me to improve:

1.  Getting Organized 

2.  Provide Package/Option    

3.  Proposal Templet    

4.  Perception is Reality    

5.  Applied Knowledge is the REAL Power   

6.  Follow-Up
Thank you for everything that you have helped the company and myself in growing over the last 5 years.  Looking forward toward an ongoing business relationship.  Tom 05/25/2007


Coach Salmon, Thank you for your presentation at this weekends Performance Plus

Coaches Clinic. I thoroughly enjoyed your session.  Two Clap, Coach Varela  04/18/2007


Coach, Thanks for all of your advice and support leading up to this change.  Your encouragement has meant a lot to me.  Gratefully,  Herb  11/20/2006


Coach, You have a great heart for the kids.  You are appreciated. KM 09/12/2006


Coach, I didn’t get the opportunity to say “thanks” for going out of your way to support the family during a difficult time. The entire family deeply appreciated your efforts.  I know you said it wasn’t a big deal, but of course it took you off your busy schedule!  Thanks again & we’ll see you next month! Patrick  07/18/2006


Hi Coach, I wanted to email you last week to thank you so much for the experiences and education you have given me this past year.  I have learned a great deal.  The times we had worked together on my management skills along with how to present financial statements.

I have learned from you that even with a busy schedule you still need to make time to communicate with your staff.  If you are compassionate and understanding with your staff, they will be willing to give you more.  I have learned how to read people's reactions without them saying a word, along with when & how to communicate with people, whether it is with managers, coworkers or in my personal life.

Your customer service seminars were excellent.  You made them interesting and exciting. You gave the new employees energy.  They are skills that I will never forget.  You have also taught me that with setting parameters I could get a lot more accomplished.  I will never forget your saying, "How do you eat an elephant?"  I use it with my children all the time.  Coach, you have meant a lot to me on both a professional and personal level. Sincerely, Diane 05/15/2006


Dear Coach, I am very sorry that I will not be able to see you before I leave. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me and that in my heart you will always hold a special place.  Sincerely, Jenn


Dear Coach Salmon, I consider our meeting a definitive work of God, and I don't mean that to glorify you but to honor Him. After our talk on the plane, I remembered those two questions that you suggested I ask at the end of my interview: 1) What is your magazine's mission, and 2) How do you see me fitting into that mission? I also reflected on your advice to think of myself as an "executive assistant" rather than a "glorified secretary" because (as you said) confidence breeds competence.
By the time of my interview the next day, I was ready. I had practiced answers to questions aloud in my apartment and had perused several back issues of Babytalk. The interview went so well that I met with not only the editorial coordinator but the managing editor as well. And when I asked those two questions, the interviewer was the one who was stumped! She definitely remembered me because I received a call the next morning offering me the paid internship at Time Inc.
My next goal is to make such an impression that they hire me full time or suggest their friends to hire me onto their staffs. Thank you for the advice and for your testimony. You have assured me that God wants me to stay in New York, even though I've gone six months without a permanent job. I guess we all have to learn patience and trust that He will provide.
Thanks again, and best of luck with your book! If you need an editor, you now know where to find me.
 Cordially, Kathryn Wilson  02/01/2006

 Jerry... A bright spot this year was meeting you, being considered at the company and seeing a successful coach in action. Thanks for your encouragement about my company; like you, I have stories in my life that can help others if I share them. All good things to you Coach.  Bob Rich  11/23/2005


Coach, Thanks for being our "Rock of Gibralter"!  Dale Lynn 05/11/2005


Coach, Thanks for this opportunity and for letting me be myself!  Thanks for being there to listen, encourage, and bring change! Thanks for investing your time so other people can obtain success!  U R Awesome!!  Thanks again!  Michelle  04/26/2005


We just want to thank you for your dedication to God first, academics second, and athletics third.  We feel that a coach who can keep these priorities in line will be successful.  We are confident and excited that under your leadership, our daughter can achieve her full potential.  Thank you again for your integrity and leadership.  IN HIS GRIP, Andrew and Sheri  08/17/2004